LCCF Programs

F.O.R.E. continues to serve the women incarcerated in the Lebanon County Correctional Facility (LCCF). If you or a loved one has been or is currently incarcerated, F.O.R.E. may be able to provide assistance in entering transitional and/or treatment housing. Contact the prison counselor for an application or family members may contact F.O.R.E. for additional information via 717-273-9378.

The Women’s Intervention Group is also routinely offered inside LCCF to female inmates. Interested individuals may contact their prison counselor. Space is limited and sessions run approximately 8-12 weeks long. If an inmate has been court ordered to complete the program, she may be able to complete it inside the prison or upon her release.

F.O.R.E. has also been able to bring outside agencies into LCCF to present sessions on a variety of topics such as domestic violence, educational opportunities, and employment resources. If your agency has a short presentation (40-50 minutes) that would benefit incarcerated females, please email Susan Wright for additional information.

F.O.R.E. provides referral assistance to a variety of community agencies upon release. If you or a loved one are in need of help obtaining housing, drug and alcohol services, mental health services, food, or employment, please contact staff via 717-273-9378.